A Look into How The Church of Jesus Christ Pays for Operational Expenses


Mormons Made Simple, an affiliate of LDS.net, has published a new video highlighting the different ways Latter-day Saints offer up donations.

The video, “Tithing and Donations – Made Simple,” states that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is able to afford the missionary program, the operation of private universities and the building and maintenance of beautiful temples and meetinghouses with the help of the Church members. The video continues to explain the Lord has often asked His disciplies to make sacrifices for Him. One form of sacrifice is giving the Lord ten percent of earnings.

Although in biblical times, often times individuals would offer up ten percent of their livestock or crops becuase that is what they had. Today, however, members of the Church donate, with money, one-tenth of all of their earnings.

Other forms of Mormon donations include fast offerings, which involve members fasting, or prayerfully abstaining from food for two meals to strengthen one’s spirit. The money that would typically be spent on those two meals is then donated to help others in need.

For more information on Mormon donations, watch the video posted above.

Kylie is a writer at LDS.net and graduate of BYU with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. She grew up in a Chicago suburb where she gained a passion for the Chicago Cubs. She enjoys writing and live event video production.