‘People and Place’: A Series on the Worldwide Church

worldwide church series
Image via MormonNewsroom.org

Mormon Newsroom released the last of a three-part series on the Worldwide Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The third and final part of the series, People and Place, focuses on Latter-day Saints making their communities a place of belonging and a place of Zion.

In the 1800’s, Church members often fled their homelands to literally follow the prophet to the west and settle in Utah. Today, members strive to build the Church in all areas of the world, causing them to lift where they stand rather than fleeing to Salt Lake City.

With members of the Church living in all parts of the world, Latter-day Saints represent many different cultures. Mormon Newsroom reports,

Latter-day Saints have a collective identity as members of a worldwide church but also have local identities as residents in their own countries and cities. They don’t have to reject one to be the other. 

Zion does not require all members to live in the same location. Rather, Zion is a spiritual state. “Wherever Latter-day Saints live, worship and care for each other, there Zion will be, a place of belonging and community.”

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