Challenge From One Seminary Class Makes Strides Worldwide

Seminary Challenge
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One seminary class in Monroe, Georgia, inspired other classes all over the world to put on the Armor of God.

In October 2014, seminary teacher Rachel Murphy read a quote from Russell M. Ballard, which read, “it has been my experience that there is not one great and grand thing we can do to arm ourselves spiritually. True spiritual power lies in numerous smaller acts woven together in a fabric of spiritual fortification that protects and shields from all evil.”

KSL reports that Ballard’s quote inspired Murphy to challenge her seminary students to come up with 100 different ways to put on the Armor of God and write them on strips of paper. The paper strips were then linked together to form a chain.

After seeing the success she had with her seminary class, Murphy then issued the challenge to other seminary teachers via social media. She asked that the teachers send the completed links to her in Georgia. Even though she gave a deadline of December 1, 2014, Murphy says she is still receiving packages of the chains.

Each class was asked to come up with 100 different ways they can put on the Armor of God, the seminary students were forced to think deeper to come up with different ways. Murphy received packages from seminary classes all over the world, including the Netherlands, and Stephenie Meyer’s seminary class.

Nathan Embry, one of Murphy’s seminary students, said,

The challenge seems to have brought the world’s seminaries together with the singleness of mind to find ways to protect oneself against the cunning entrapments of the devil.

Murphy told KSL that more than 1,000 seminary students from the United States, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, England and Japan, have written more than 10,000 chain links. Murphy says that the links stretch to a length longer than half a mile.

The student participants gathered together in Georgia on January 24, 2015, to create a film to tell their experiences. KSL reports that the film will express how the challenge impacted those who participated and show the finalization of the chain.

To participate in the challenge, visit the Facebook page, The Armor of God Challenge.

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