What Critics Don’t Realize about the Meaning of ‘Mormon’

Book of Mormon reading
Image via churchofjesuschrist.org

This article was originally written by Dustin Phelps for his blog, Happiness Seekers. The following is an excerpt.

I recently interviewed out of state for a job. After some of the pre-interview activities, I went to lunch with several of the other applicants. During the lunch, someone in the group made a thinly veiled criticism of Mormons. I wasn’t offended by it, and I didn’t say anything because it wasn’t really the right time or place, but the thought “awkward” did pass through my mind.

It wasn’t until someone asked where everyone had gone to college that I realized things were about to get a little uncomfortable.

When it was my turn, I confidently said, “BYU.” There was immediate recognition on several faces. By the looks in their eyes, the woman who had earlier spoken poorly of Mormons, along with one other, clearly did not think much of the Latter-day Saints.

Thinking back on the experience and reflecting on a particular teaching by Joseph Smith, I thought about the irony of their sentiments and the woman’s comments. It is an irony that few are aware of and an irony that members of the Church might be interested to know.

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Kylie is a writer at LDS.net and graduate of BYU with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. She grew up in a Chicago suburb where she gained a passion for the Chicago Cubs. She enjoys writing and live event video production.