Elizabeth Smart Shares Personal Story of Faith in New ‘Faith Counts’ Video


Elizabeth Smart is featured in a video recently released by Faith Counts, an interfaith group designed to promote the importance of faith.

In the video, Smart recounts how relying on faith played a major role in her survival as she was kidnapped from her home as a teenager, regularly raped and verbally and physically abused for nine months.

It was that faith and that knowledge in God that got me through those nine months. And that helps me survive to this day.

Smart also credits the teachings of her mother to her survival. She said that, even in her darkest moments, she knew that she would always be loved by her parents and by God.

“I remember the first time I was raped. I remember thinking about my mom, and I remember her telling me that she would always love me,” Smart said. “And then I remembered her telling me that God would always love me.”

Smart said that remembering those simple truths taught to her as a child gave her hope during those nine months that were full of torture and fear.

Smart said, “It has been the power of faith that has allowed us to not only persevere, but to find peace and happiness.”

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