To The Family History Warriors

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Calling all family history warriors! is starting a weekly column featuring the stories of members of the Church who died in service to the gospel, whether in more recent Church History or in the early days of the Church. Our desire is to give a platform to the voices of those who gave their lives to the truth, and we need YOUR help to do so.

If you have had an LDS relative in the past who has died in the service of the Church, we would love to publish their story. We are looking for articles of 1,500 words or less detailing their life, their accomplishments and how they died.

Why Submit?

We all have legacies we leave behind. Though those who lost their lives before their time typically do not seek glory in this life, it is important to understand their sacrifice and the life that led up to it. When we understand these things, we can better appreciate our own lives and perhaps treasure the gospel that so many lives were given for.

This is also an excellent opportunity to be published and have your voice heard. Through our HistoryOfMormonism site, you will reach a readership that averages over 2,000 views per month. If you have any interest in sharing an intimate story about those who gave their lives to the gospel that may touch hundreds of lives, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for!

Submission Guidelines

  1. Article MUST be 1,500 words or less.
  2. Articles MUST be about members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; however, they may be from ANY time period and do not have to be limited to martyrs.
  3. Submitter agrees that article will be published on
  4. Once an article has been submitted, please allow up to one week to hear back about your article.
  5. The content you send us can already exist in printed form in your own records and journals, but please do not send material already published online, unless you include the source URL for us. Also, link over within your submitted article. When you quote existing online material, always isolate the text and give proper credit.

Please follow the link to submit your articles. 

Logan Groll is a BYU undergraduate student studying English with a minor in Creative Writing. Born in the mountains of Utah but raised in the wooded hills of Virginia, he now lives in Springville, Utah with his sweetheart. His passions are his wife, his faith and his dream of being an author.