The 11 Mind-Blowing Stages of Doing Your Family History

Stage 1: Feeling Inspired to Do Your Family History!

You’ve been inspired by some great conference talks, and you are ready to go and find those temple names!! Family History! Yeah!

Stage 2: Signing Up For Your Ancestry/Family Search Account

Having a username and a password you can’t remember makes it official.

Stage 3: Searching For a Name

This is the moment. Your tree is spread out before you, and you can see the piles of names you’ll bring to the temple.

Stage 4: Realizing This Is a Lot Harder Than You Thought

Suddenly you realize you have no idea what you’re doing. How do you find documents again? What’s this missing record thing? Why can’t I find a whole family at once? WHY?!?!

Stage 5: Thinking You Found a Name But It’s a Duplicate

I found someone…that is already found. How do I merge records again?

Stage 6: Thinking You Found a Name But It’s Not the Right Name

How can so many men have a wife named Susan and a son named John? They’re practically the same, except for the year! That counts right?

Stage 7: Not Finding Any Records at all

Missing info? No problem. No records? Huge problem. Um…now what?

Stage 8: Drowning Your Sorrows in Snacks

Face it. We all need one at this point.

Stage 9: Getting Some Help From Someone Who Knows What They’re Doing

Help me, oh powerful family history consultant!

Stage 10: Having Your Mind Blown

It’s like a spiritual experience waiting to happen. There it is! The name you’ve been looking for!

Stage 11: Taking a Name to the Temple

At this point, you’re practically out the door. Nothing feels better than doing the work for someone you found yourself!!

What was your first family history experience like? Did you experience some of these stages? Let us know in the comments below!



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