Russell M. Nelson, 17th President and Prophet of the LDS Church

Russell M. Nelson was set apart as the president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on January 14, 2018. He was sustained in a Solemn Assembly on March 31, 2018. President Nelson presided at an unprecedented meeting broadcast from the Salt Lake Temple on January 16, 2018. His counselors were also set apart at the same time. First counselor Dallin H. Oaks served with him in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles since April 7, 1984, when they were both sustained, President Nelson before President Oaks. Henry B. Eyring was appointed second counselor; he served previously as first counselor to Thomas S. Monson (who passed away on January 2, 2018) and second counselor to Gordon B. Hinckley (who passed away on January 27, 2008).

Nelson was set apart as president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles by President Thomas S. Monson on July 15, 2015. As president of the Twelve, he was referred to as President Russell M. Nelson and succeeded the late President Boyd K. Packer, who died on July 3, 2015.

Russell M. Nelson was born on September 9, 1924, to Marion C. and Edna Anderson Nelson. All eight of his great-grandparents joined the Church of Jesus Christ in Europe, immigrated to Utah, and settled in the town of Ephraim. Their courage and commitment have inspired similar feelings in successive generations. [1] As a boy, his interests varied. He performed errands for his father’s advertising company at the age of ten, and would later work, part-time, in a photo studio, a bank, and the post office. He had an excellent singing voice and performed often, and he participated in the debate team. He was also interested in football but was usually kept on the bench. He jokes that perhaps he was too careful of his hands since he was destined to become a heart surgeon.

President Nelson studied medicine in college, and by the time he graduated from the four-year program in 1945, he was already a year into medical school. He earned his MD degree from the University of Utah in 1947. He was twenty-two.

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