19 Memes To Get You Pumped for General Conference

mormon lds general conference

General Conference is in T minus 2 days. Hopefully, you have been preparing spiritually because we are here with some quality General Conference memes to pump you up for it.

Things to look forward to this weekend.

What some of us will look like when we wake up this weekend. But doesn’t matter because this conference is not a zoom call.

Princess Anna on Conference morning


Get prepared to be slapped by the spirit because it’s gonna be STRONG.

Captain Marvel scene General Conference memes


Feeling the spirit at General Conference is even easier than finding Waldo.

Where's Waldo General Conference meme


I know we all look forward to avoiding this interaction for just this week.

Les Mis General Conference Meme


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything!

On only meeting by live stream this year.

Princess Bride Quarantine Meme

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But just because we can’t be there in person doesn’t mean we can’t participate.

General Conference meme


Here is a friendly reminder to wash your hands before eating all the cinnamon rolls. Try not to eat them all before the Sunday morning session starts.

Hand sanitizer meme


Which plague is next?

Honestly, the year couldn’t get any worse at this point. (Okay, maybe it could…)

General Conference memes


But an eternal perspective is important.

2020 Bible Meme


The Best of Elder Holland

On being in your pajamas for every session.

Elder Holland General Conference memes


We can’t deny that he is a spiritual powerhouse.

Avengers/ Elder Holland meme


Not even Chuck Norris can compete.

Elder Holland/Chuck Norris Meme


“Secrets secrets are no fun…”

Elder Gong and Elder Soares on General Conference rumors.

Apostles at conference meme


But history shows that some rumors are true…

2 Hour Block general conference meme


Everyone’s favorite part!

Where do you think the new temples will be located?

President Monson temples meme


Here are some more of your favorite General Authorities.

Let’s start with Elder Uchtdorf.

Elder Uchtdorf meme

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Some of them have really cool names, like Elder Hugo Montoya.

Princess Bride General Conference memes


And some have familiar faces, like Edward Dube.

Edward dube meme


Going back to work.

After a weekend packed with this much of the spirit, going back to work on Monday is going to be rough.

The Office/General Conference memes

Which of these General Conference memes was your favorite? Share in the comments. 

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