FREE Conference Printables and Activities for Your Family


General Conference is a time of the year when families gather to listen to the inspired words of church leaders, enjoy time together, and even prepare special treats. In world where attention spans get shorter and shorter, though, eight hours of listening to speakers calls for some creative ways to stay engaged…and awake (we all know that Sunday afternoon session is tough after grandma’s ten-course meal).

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Never fear! Third Hour is here to offer you some awesome free printables (for both younger and older ages), as well as a list of several other sites with free resources. We hope that these offerings provide more ways for you to feel inspired, enlightened, and engaged in this amazing event.

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Conference Topic Race Car Game (Ages 4 to 8)

conference topic race car game

Conference Notes for Kids (Ages 6 to 11)

kids general conference notes free printable

Conference Notes (Ages 12 to adult)

LDS Bookstore General Conference Packetlds bookstore

Maeser Art General Conference Packet

maeser art general conference packet

My Silly Squirts 8 in 1 Re-Usable General Conference Printable

10 Unique (and Free) General Conference Activities from Saving Talents

saving talents

20 General Conference Ideas for Kids from Over the Big Moon

over the big moon conference printables

General Conference Coloring and Note Pages from Chicken Scratch n Sniff

chicken scratch general conference pages

20 General Conference Activities for Kids from Or So She Says…

general conference activities for kids


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