Instagram Reveals All the Different Ways People Spend Conference Weekend


You probably have your own family traditions when it comes General Conference weekend. Here’s a smattering of photos showing what other Latter-day Saints do to participate in this inspirational two-day event:

Some People Take Notes…

And Then Some People REALLY Take Notes!

Crafting, Crafting, and More Crafting

Conference Art is EXTRA Inspired

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Saturday afternoon session $9, 5×7 ALL SOLD

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Conference Meme-Making Mania

Like Latter-day Saints Can Do Anything Without Refreshments

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Traditiooooooon! Tradition! 🎻🎤 Headed to the store for everything I need to prep these babies tonight. These butterscotch rolls are our Sunday morning breakfast every 6 months for #ldsconf. The how-to is saved in my highlights if you want it and trust me. YOU WANT IT. I would love to hear about your conference food traditions! Tell me tell me 🤗 And for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about or what conference is: Two weekends a year, our church holds a general conference meeting where we get instruction and council from our church leaders. It is truly the most uplifting and meaningful weekend of the whole year, and I’ve been looking forward to it for months. It is encouraging and helpful for anyone, regardless of your religion. I would love for you to tune in! You can get more info or watch at, or feel free to ask me questions 🙃I

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Family traditions create a culture of unity, love and a peaceful spirit. -Steven Bangerter . This weekend is filled with family time and traditions for us. Not the least of which are homemade sweet rolls and yummy food. . It is our church’s worldwide bi-annual #generalconference where our leaders speak and give us inspiration. . Do we all sit still and listen to every word? Nope, we have kids so sitting still for 8 hours isn’t realistic. We have activities they can do, legos they sit and build with, they make forts, finger foods to eat etc. I am not as concerned with curating picture perfect activities for them to do, as I am concerned with creating an atmosphere of happiness and love. I want them to know this weekend is important to us and that our home is filled with God’s love and spirit during this time.

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A Million Clever Ways to Help Kids Pass the Time

Where Did You Say You Watched Conference?!

Last, But Not Least, It’s the Most Peaceful Nap You Will Ever Take

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Conference activities….

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