Best Twitter Posts About October 2018 General Conference

Mormon church leaders general conference

From the announcement of two-hour church, to the addition of twelve new temples, to the firm emphasis on no longer being known as “Mormons” but instead, “members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” this October’s general conference was full of surprises. Here are fifteen of the best Twitter posts about this weekend!

1. Catching this gem of a man in the choir:

2. President Nelson was not kidding about the name change!

3. President Eyring is the coolest.

4. Great way to support the new name change.

5. I need to get me one of these!

6. Let’s build ALL the temples!

7. I’m not sure this was exactly what President Nelson had in mind…

8. Elder Bednar’s graphics were pretty impressive.

9. Not gonna lie, Elder Gay’s talk was pretty powerful.

10. We love our German Shepherd!

11. Can’t wait for two-hour church!

12. A great reminder that all of these powerful men are called of God.

13. Gotta love general conference snack foods!

14. God truly leads this church.

15. Not gonna lie, those were some pretty sweet glasses!

16. What we will be telling our grandchildren one day:

17. We will neither confirm nor deny that we were doing this.

What were some of your favorite conference moments?

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