The 15 Funniest Twitter Reactions to General Conference (April 2019)

General Conference tweet

General conference weekend was a spiritual feast! The messages were fantastic, and the #GeneralConference Twitter community helped highlight some of the major themes and poignant quotes. They also provided a few laughs. Here are 15 of our favorite funny tweets about general conference:

1. The Hallmark movie ending

2. After all the “big announcement” rumors…

3. #Priorities

4. Marvel-ous

5. This interpretation is also great

6. The perfectly applicable GIF

7. This talk had some bite in it

8. We’ve all got work to do

9. No matter how hard they try to keep things simple, we’ll always find a way to get distracted

10. Funny, but painfully accurate

11. Follow this girl on Twitter

12. Do it for the stubbed toes

13. Elder Holland’s talk was awesome

14. Somebody jumped the gun

15. This one got me…

Which general conference talk was your favorite? Let us know which one you liked and why in the comments.

David Snell is a proud member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He's the Founder of The Sunday Pews, and has experience writing for Mormon Newsroom Pacific, KBYU11, Classical 89 Radio, and plenty more. He tries not to take himself too seriously and just wants to brighten your day a bit.