You Should Really Get to Know John A. Widtsoe


The internet is bustling with activity with new LDS related resources popping up daily. It is our privilege at to get firsthand looks at some new and exciting work. Ardis Parshall, creator of the popular church history site,, has created a Facebook page dedicated to the writings and communications of Elder John A. Widtsoe. If you are not familiar with Sister Parshall’s work, Keepa, as she calls it, is a great place to start. Sister Parshall is the consummate researcher who relishes delving into deep, hidden archival areas where she continuously finds hidden gems. Her research into the life and writings of Elder Widtsoe are a good example. of him, she said,

“I’ve been inspired by his combination of spirit and genius. In many ways he was a man a generation ahead of his peers, and much of what he said speaks to issues that we’re addressing again today.”

The Facebook page is intended to be more inspirational and informational than scholarly and will not contain references for each of Elder Widtsoe’s statements. Getting to know Elder Widtsoe through this page has inspired us to learn more about him, his wisdom, insights and faithful living of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

David is a regular contributor at He is the author of the logic book, "Joseph Spider and the Fallacy Farm," father of five and ranks mountain biking and spending time with his wife close to breathing and love when it comes to life essentials.