LDS Perspectives: Joseph’s Seer Stones

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Dr. Michael Hubbard MacKay earned his PhD in history at the University of York. He now teaches early Mormon history and the Doctrine and Covenants as an assistant professor at BYU in the Department of Church History and Doctrine. He has also worked as a historian/writer for the Joseph Smith Paper Project and as a visiting professor for the Department of History at BYU.

In this episode of LDS Perspectives Dr. MacKay is interviewed by Russell Stevenson.

Some may not realize that Joseph continued to use seer stones after the Book of Mormon was translated. He used them while translating the Bible, when dictating revelations, and even when giving patriarchal blessings.

After his death, Joseph’s stones were passed down to succeeding presidents of the church and looked upon as sacred relics.

Dr. Mackay claims the seer stones were not simply a tool to give Joseph confidence to translate; they represent something much more significant.

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