Are Latter-day Saint temples really such a mystery?


An article by Tad Walch for ChurchBeat.

Last week’s issue of this newsletter pointed out some issues with a new CNN piece called “What do Mormons believe?”

Another section of the article merits a longer look, because sometimes the church makes significant changes over time.

For example, the CNN article’s section on temple worship is outdated. It states, “Today, a lot of Mormon church life remains a mystery to outsiders, and that is by design.” That statement is followed by a scholar’s factual comment that Latter-day Saints hold sacred what happens in the temple. The section leaves the impression that temple ordinances are secretive and, therefore, church members are mysterious and isolationist.

The problem with that is, for at least a decade now, the church has been increasingly open about temple ordinances and temple clothing. The church has released multiple videos and publicly available texts. I’ll list examples in just a moment.

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