A Drone’s View, What the D.C. Temple Would Look Like if You Could Fly


Tony Collins captures breathtaking drone images of the Washington D.C. Temple. Soaring at a height of 288 feet, Tony flies his drone around and above the temple capturing its immense beauty. Watch as the drone gets up close and personal with Angel Moroni standing high on one of six golden spires. Notice how Angel Moroni is holding gold plates. The Washington D.C. temple is one of five in the world featuring Angel Moroni holding the gold plates. The four other temples include the Jordan River Utah Temple, Los Angeles California Temple, Seattle Washington Temple, and the México City México Temple.

The Washington D.C. Temple located in Kensington, Maryland was the first temple built in the Eastern United States sitting just 10 miles north of the United States Capitol. It was first dedicated on November 19th 1974 by Spencer W. Kimball. The Washington D.C. Temple is also the only temple outside of Utah to be built with six ordinance rooms. 

Tony received special permission from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Tyler is a student at Brigham Young University. He served a mission in the Brazil Porto Alegre South Mission. He is recently married.