How to Talk About the Temple With Your Kids

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Talking about the temple and what goes on inside with your kids is an important conversation. However, we are hesitant to go in-depth on the temple because it’s sacred stuff. We’ve thought of some guidelines to help direct that conversation.

Study the Pearl of Great Price

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Many of the concepts explored in the temple are also explored in the Pearl of Great Price. Study it with your children and get them familiar with the doctrine. It will also be a great introduction for when they study the Pearl of Great Price in seminary.

Watch a Temple Dedication

first presidency at temple dedicatoin

Temple dedications can be a great introduction to the ceremonies and traditions associated with the temple. The temple is full of symbolic actions, like when you waving a handkerchief during the Hosanna Shout. Give your children as many chances to witness symbolic actions as possible, and talk about it afterward with them.

Do Your Laundry with Your Children


Introduce your children to garments early, and get the chores done at the same time. Help your kids understand the importance of your garments, and what you do to keep them sacred.

Take the Sacrament

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Baptism is the first covenant you take in your spiritual journey. When your kids get baptized, take the chance to teach them about the importance of what they are doing. You can talk about it every Sunday when you take the sacrament as well. Whenever covenants are mentioned in your family scripture study, make sure to emphasize their importance with your kids.

Pull Out a Temple Picture

Pennsylvania temple

Pull out a picture of your favorite temple or visit the closest temple to teach your kids about the symbolism of the temple. Why the angel Moroni? What does the shape represent? Why do they light up at night? Each of these questions is a chance to get your children familiar with the temple’s symbols.

Watch Movies Together

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Watching movies is a great way to practice finding themes and drawing connections. The ordinances performed in the temple can be confusing. Give your children practice in gaining insight from figuring things out. The next time you turn on a Disney movie, talk about it with your kids.

Explain What Happens at the Temple

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Your kids have probably performed baptisms and confirmations for the dead at the temple. Let them know what’s next! Three ceremonies are performed at the temple for adults: the initiatory, the endowment, and the sealing. Go through each one and explain what will happen in general terms.

Explain Symbolism with Scripture

boy reads scriptures with family

Much of the symbolism of the initiatory and the endowment is present throughout the Old and New Testament. Use the scriptures to explain the symbolism behind the actions we perform. President Ezra Taft Benson talked openly about the symbolism of the temple in the Logan temple dedication. You can refer to his talk for help and guidance.

Take Hints from the Temple Prep Manual

The Temple Prep Manual lays down an approved curriculum for preparing to go through the temple. As your kids get older, you can introduce them to the lessons as they become applicable. No need to wait.

Respect the Sacred

If you promised not to talk about it, don’t talk about it. Easy.
Remember, it’s your choice what to say about the temple to your children. But hopefully, this list gives you some ideas on how to frame the conversation.
How do you familiarize your kids with the temple? Let us know in the comments below.

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