Mormon Arizona Couple Spends 4 Years Building Temple in Argentina

cordoba temple moroni
Elder and Sister Fenn with the Angel Moroni statue prior to its placement on the temple. Image via

Three years ago, Mark and Carrie Fenn left the comfort of their home in Southern Arizona and moved to Argentina, where they would spend the next four years as missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Arizona Mormon News reports that Elder and Sister Fenn were assigned to help with the construction of the Córdoba Temple. The couple began their service in August 2011 and will stay in Argentina until the temple is completed in January 2015.

Sister Fenn has been assigned to work as the historian. As historian, she keeps an extensive record of all of the photos and includes a narrative each week to track the progress of the temple. Eventually, all of her records will become an official Church document.

Elder Fenn is a consultant and assistant project manager. He is responsible for helping translate for the locals what the architect from America says. He also assists in teaching locals about the temple to ensure that the high quality craftsmanship required is met. Additionally, Elder Fenn helped form the concrete for the temple’s baptismal font.

Elder and Sister Fenn say that they treasure the opportunity to teach Church members in the area about temples and their sacredness.

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