Mormon Channel Releases New Video


Mormon Channel released a new video to its YouTube channel entitled, “The Power of Prosthetics.”

The video, posted above, takes viewers through the touching story of Mayerlinth Reyes, who lost her legs when she was 15 years old after a car lost control and ran over her.

Being confined to a wheelchair is hard for her since she lives in Santo Domingo—a place that doesn’t accommodate wheelchairs well. Reyes has difficulty getting around due to the lack of ramps and can’t even use public restrooms because the doors are too narrow.

Fortunately, Reyes has been able to receive two prosthetic legs. In the video she says,

I’ve been able to meet good people who are willing to help by donating prosthetics, because from that moment my life changed from night to day.

Through the charitable donations of others, Reyes is now able to walk her children to school and visit places that she couldn’t before in a wheelchair. Reyes says,

I feel like I can do anything.

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