Primary Children Narrate Bible Videos


How can we help Jesus?

“We can follow Him and do what he did by not pinching, biting, kicking and punching.”

How can we honor the Sabbath day?

“Just relax on Sunday. No school.” And we can’t forget to “not listen to wild songs.”

Sometimes, Primary answers are the best answers.

The Mormon Channel released a series, A Bible Story for Children, where children retell Bible stories and bear their testimonies on Jesus Christ. In their own words, the children tell the stories from Jesus’ birth to the Good Samaritan and explain topics such as baptism, the Atonement and the sacrament.

Aside from the few giggle-worthy answers from these precious children, their knowledge and testimonies are powerful.

The simplicity of these stories and testimonies expressed by the children are not only meant for the young members of the Church, but for everyone to watch and learn from.

The Unique Setting

These videos also include clips from Bible stories that were filmed in the “New” Jerusalem located on the LDS Motion Picture Studio South Campus in Goshen, Utah. It is less than 60 miles south of Church headquarters in Salt Lake City. While it is not a replica of Jerusalem, it recreates the important locations in the city. The children were interviewed on the movie set.

Goshen, with a population of less than 1,000, was chosen because of its geographical similarities to Jerusalem with its rolling hills, plains, groves of cedar trees, sand dunes and a stream.

It was first used to create the New Testament Scripture Library Project, which is a series of important scenes from the life of Jesus Christ and the Apostles.

Although the set is not open to the public, the videos made for the Church help everyone better understand and appreciate the life of Jesus Christ.

The Jerusalem movie set was dedicated in 2011.

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