A SLC Temple Made of 35,000 Plastic Bricks + Other Incredible LDS Lego Creations on Display

LDS Legos
image via deseretnews.com.

This article was originally written by Lottie Peterson for Deseret News. The following is an excerpt. 

Maj. Dave Jungheim finished his model of the Salt Lake Temple, comprised of more than 35,000 Legos, in 2012.

Jungheim’s temple is the centerpiece of an exhibit titled “Building Faith: Bricks of Religion” located in the L. Tom Perry Special Collections at Brigham Young University’s Harold B. Lee Library. The exhibit features LDS and other religious themed Legos and Lego-like sets with scenes ranging from “The First Discussion” to “The Last Supper.”

Trevor Alvord, curator of 21st-century Mormonism and Western Americana, said he was interested in how members of the church were interacting with popular culture to express themselves. Alvord explained that there has been a growing trend of building with the small interlocking plastic bricks to express faith during the past five years and that the exhibit seeks to “document this phenomenon.”

SLC Temple Lego
Image via deseretnews.com

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