Video Gives Detailed Look Into How Mormon Temples are Built



In a video Mormon Newsroom published to their Facebook page, the process of building a temple is described in detail to help members understand what it takes to construct these sacred buildings.

“The Process of Building a Mormon Temple” explains in depth how locations are chosen and why certain materials are used. The video also stated that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints pays everything up front for each temple without taking out any loans.

“We’ve had a long standing practice in the Church for well over 100 years that we don’t take out loans or put mortgages on properties to build them,” Elder William R. Walker, Executive Director of the Temple Department, explained.

We would not build a temple unless we could pay for the temple as the temple was built.

The video explains that temples are constructed to uniquely represent the culture of the area it will be built. Walker also explained why attention to the small details is so important. He said,

“We will select beautiful woodwork and beautiful wall coverings and furnish it in a lovely manner. Not to be ostentatious but to be beautiful and a wonderful tribute to God.”

Learn more about the building of temples in the video posted above.

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