‘Live your Mission’ Books Series Aims to Help RM’s Find Life Purpose


Andy Proctor, a blogger from Provo, has designed his first book that is intended for returned missionaries.

In an online survey Proctor conducted in 2014, he found that with missionaries now leaving younger to serve, they come home not knowing what to do with their lives. Proctor wanted to create a book that would help these returned missionaries. The survey of recently returned missionaries led Proctor to discover that “the number one request was this: ‘Finding My Personal Mission in Life.’”

The book series, “Live My Gospel,” is a play off of the missionary manual for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, “Preach My Gospel.” Proctor explains that when an individual is released from being a missionary, he or she is no longer expected to preach the gospel all of the time. He or she is however expected to live the gospel every single day.

Proctor has created a campaign for his first book, “Live My Mission,” on indiegogo.com. Proctor explains that the purpose of this campaign is not to raise money, but rather to be able to get the book into the hands of as many returned missionaries as possible.

For more on the “Live My Gospel” book series or to donate to the campaign, visit indiegogo.com.