Mission Calls: It’s About Bringing People to Christ, Not the Geography

Mission call
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This article was originally written by Michelle L. for segullah.org. The following is an excerpt.

Rachel bounded to the front of the chapel and nearly skipped to the podium. Leaning close to the mic she said, “I have the most fantastic news ever! I’ve just been called to the Detroit, Michigan mission.” She raised both hands in the air in a victory pose, “And I am SO EXCITED. I can’t wait to serve the people of Michigan and I can’t wait to testify of Jesus Christ. I know I’ve been called there for a reason, I know the Lord loves me and I can’t wait to tell everyone how much He loves them too.” With a fist punch, she left the podium and returned to her seat. We live in a pretty reserved ward, but I’m sure I heard a few “Hallelujahs” as she walked down the aisle.

Despite Rachel’s enthusiasm, she later told me many people expressed sympathy about her call– “Detroit? Really? I’m so sorry.”

Another friend told me she was thrilled when she opened her mission call to South Dakota, but the teasing from her classmates in the BYU dorms left her in tears by the end of the evening. It made me recall a darling Elder whose girlfriend said, “I could never marry someone who went to South Dakota on a mission.” She was joking, but the words still stung. May I just say?– two of the finest young men I know are serving in South Dakota right now. And one of the smartest boys I know, with the most innate language abilities was just called to Spokane, WA, English speaking.

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