Sister Missionaries Interviewed on ABC’s Nightline as ‘New Face of Mormonism’


ABC featured six sister missionaries in their newscast that aired Tuesday night and gave viewers a glimpse into the day-to-day routine of LDS missionaries. Nightline called the sister missionaries the New Face of Mormonism.

The newscast focused on the impact sister missionaries have had in the missionary work of the Church – especially when it comes to teaching men.

“Always I’m going to respond to them,” one investigator told Nightline. “I’m a man; whether they are attractive or not, of course I’m going to want to talk to them.”

The reporter asked the sister missionaries a series of questions, which the sisters answered with power, confidence, and simplicity.

“Never will men necessarily be able to procreate on their own, and women won’t hold the priesthood,” one sister missionary said. Another added, “I think we have our own kind of power.”

To see the full interview, visit Nightline’s website.