10 Things Missionaries Wish They’d Packed

Missionaries enter the MTC

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MISSION CALL in the mail box! Woohoo, I knew it. I just had that feeling. It was awesome.

And then a few papers down I found… ‘THE LIST’. It was like the Christmas-list of stuff I didn’t really want to have to buy. (Well, I say ‘me’ but it was really my parents.) It was full of stuff like bed sheets, first aid kits, insect repellent, shower sandals. It was like this list had been put together by Bear Grylls’ mom. It had everything on it to survive nuclear fall out… or worse, vacationing with Amish people. (Come on, deep down we all want to survive the apocalyptic war that movies tell us is inevitable.)

But even though I followed this list, oh so carefully, there was so much stuff it didn’t tell me to take. Especially if you’re serving outside of your home country and certainly if you’re going to an overseas MTC.

So, here’s my list, selected from hundreds of ideas.

  1. Camera charger adapter (depending on what country you serve in)
  2. Shoe innersoles (these were heaven sent with all the walking, take a few)
  3. Peoples’ email addresses (on paper… shock, shock, horror)
  4. Painting/Service clothes (one’s you don’t care getting ruined + shoes)
  5. Stickers (sounds crazy, but great for kids, letters home and stuck behind your badge, like flag ones)
  6. Blank tee-shirt and a market pen  (for companions to sign, makes a great souvenir)
  7. Home country flag (for your apartment and for competitive ‘P’ days)
  8. A few family photos (old-school printed photos)
  9. Cheap business cards with your home address (for companions and people you’ve taught) – try vistaprint
  10. Some or your favorite candy/ chocolate. (especially if you’re going overseas)

And that’s it! Remember, you might think you can buy it in the field but don’t chance it. Don’t go crazy filling up you’re bags because you’ll need them light for transfers. Remember, when you’re prepared, there’s no fear!