Called to Share: Mormons Participate in Online Event

Discover the Book
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Starting today, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are uniting over social media to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. LDS Living reports that this event started with several online missionaries encouraging members to spread their testimonies.

In order to join this world-wide online event, just share a picture of you behind the Book of Mormon, captioning it with the hashtag #discoverthebook and a short synopsis of your personal discovery of the Book of Mormon. This is the first of four events that one of the missionaries, and event coordinator, Sister Katie Ashcraft, has organized. All of the events are as follows:

1. Discover the Book (June 10)

Tell how you first came to know the Book of Mormon—how did you discover it?

2. Search the Book (June 17)

Share a powerful experience you have had while reading the Book of Mormon.

3. Live the Book (June 24)

Share how the Book of Mormon influences the way you choose to live your life.

4. Share the Book (July 1)

Invite your friends to learn more about the Book of Mormon and invite a specific person to be taught by the missionaries. 

Sister Ashcraft explains the purpose of this event on the Share the Book Facebook page:

“The end goal is to share the Book of Mormon, not just with the masses, but specific people. Our purpose is to create teaching opportunities online for missionaries through you!”

You can find out more on Called to Share’s Facebook page.