12 Steps to Change: Drug Addict Uses Ninth Step to Reconcile Relationship with Family


The ninth video in Mormon Channel’s “12 Steps to Change” series explains how John utilized the step of restitution and reconciliation.

Between his drug addiction and his church callings and career, John felt like he was living two separate lives. What started with an addiction to pain killers developed into trying marijuana and then using cocaine daily. John’s drug addiction cost him his house, his job and caused his family to leave him. John’s daughter even asked him not to come to her wedding.

After the police in his community found him, they put him in jail for the use and possession of drugs. As John began to recover from his addiction, he reached step nine and was encouraged to “make direct amends wherever possible.” He sat down with his former spouse and children to try to reconcile with them.

The experience brought John closer to God and to his children. He said,

I understand now what God means when He says He is merciful.

Watch the video above to see how John’s family comes together again, with the help of the recovery program. Watch other videos in the series at mormonchannel.org.

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