12 Steps to Change: Heroin Addict Turns Life Around with 11th Step, Personal Revelation


Mormon Channel’s 11th step to change video features Lindsay, a heroin addict, who uses the step, personal revelation, to turn her life around.

Lindsay’s addiction to heroin was so strong that she surrendered herself as an addict, believing that she would never escape it’s grasp for the rest of her life. Deciding that her kids would probably be better off without her, Lindsay sent her kids to live with her mother. While her kids were living with their grandma, Lindsay began living out of car, and eventually ended up in jail.

While in her cell, Lindsay recalls feeling unworthy of God’s love. As she sat in her cell, Lindsay’s childhood memories began flooding back to her, and with those memories came Primary songs. “Heavenly Father, are you really there? And, do You hear an answer to ev’ry child’s prayer? That was the first prayer I ever uttered in recovery,” Lindsay remembers. “It was a song.”

To this day, Lindsay finds comfort in prayer and personal revelation. She explains,

[Step 11] is a maintenance step. It’s something that I have to continue to do. But now it is something that I use everyday—I have to use it everyday. It’s my lifeline. 

Watch the video, posted above, to hear how Lindsay’s story ends. View more of the videos in the “12 Steps to Change” series at mormonchannel.org.