12 Steps to Change: Overcoming a Life of Theft, Lies, and Addiction with Fourth Step, Truth


Never believing that his choices and actions would hurt his family, Austin found himself stealing from drug dealers and fleeing for his life. When the armed men came looking for him and threatened his loved ones for information on his location, Austin knew it was time to change.

The fourth video in Mormon Channel’s “12 Steps to Change” series explores Austin’s road to recovery. After trying, and failing, to overcome his addiction on his own, Austin met with his Bishop, who introduced him to the Addiction Recovery Program. Austin began attending the group meetings and said he was surprised by the love, empathy, honesty and humility that existed in those meetings.

The fourth step, truth, helped Austin to see the good in himself, instead of just focusing on the bad. “There was a lot of good,” Austin said. “It was just hidden and buried underneath substances and habits and years of guilt, years of shame.”

Through the process, Austin realized that he can’t go through this life alone, and he doesn’t have to.

I learned that I needed my God. I learned that I needed my brothers and sisters around me. And every time that I think it can’t get any better, it does. It keeps getting better.

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