15 Quotes to Live by in 2020


It’s that time of year—the end. I don’t know about you, but I am beyond excited to welcome in the new year. 2019 was… Rough, to say the least.

Although I’ve always thought resolutions were cliché and that you should be setting goals year-round, there’s still something exciting about re-inventing yourself with the promise of a fresh start and a new year.

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SO. Here are 15 quotes to live by in the coming year with promise of becoming a better, healthier you.

*Disclaimer: all quotes were taken from Pinterest. If a source was given, I made sure to include it.

1. Most people die at 25…

It’s a scary thought, isn’t it? I decided to start with this quote because it is hauntingly true, but there is something you can do about it RIGHT NOW, no matter your age! Don’t wait until you’re close to death to live and don’t let daily life keep you from truly living.

Re-evaluate your life and make time for the “good stuff.” Say yes to more opportunities. Do that thing that scares you. Spend more time with people you love and less time with those who drain you. Find the humor in everything.

2. The secret of change…

Ah, Socrates. What a guy! I think we tend to fall into this trap a lot. We let our past dictate who we are and the choices we make. We focus on fighting the bad rather than fueling the good.

Instead of beating yourself up for all of your mistakes and shortcomings, try adding to your bucket of good things. Pretty soon all of that good will replace the bad, and you’ll find yourself becoming the person you wanna be.

3. Rules for living…

I know what you’re thinking. This is WAY too simple a solution for life’s problems! It truly solves a lot, though.

Just think about it—if you had a sound mind and exceptionally healthy body, how many of your problems would go away? Not all, I know. But a good number of them, right? So make sure you take care of yourself accordingly! It really is that simple.

4. Moments in time…

My advice: take more photographs. I’m not talking about the Instagram selfie or the “look, I actually have friends” group photo. I’m talking about those real moments in life that you wish you could capture and revisit on your bad days.

Take photos just for you. Use them to remember people’s smiles or how you felt doing that insignificant thing that somehow made you happier than you’ve been in a while. I’m not telling you to be the obnoxious person who doesn’t know how to live without posting about it. In fact, I’m telling you to capture the moments that matter and NOT post them.

5. Pray for others…

I kid you not, praying for others has changed my relationship with God. It brings me outside of myself and allows me to assist God in his blessing of others.

Sometimes, when we’re praying on our own behalf, it’s difficult to recognize the answers He gives. But when we pray for others, we are more able to see all the ways in which God blesses both you and the people you’re praying for.

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6. Come with a broken heart…

If you’re like me, you don’t always come to church with a “broken heart and contrite spirit.” In fact, more often than not, you come quite ill-prepared.

I love this idea of asking the Lord to “give [us] repentence.” If we don’t have the desire, it’s something we can pray for.

7. Don’t settle for nice…

This, I feel, ties back to the first quote about dying at 25. We’re meant to have passions and interests that drive us. Besides loved ones, they’re kind of our reason for living, right? So you might as well find passion in all the little things as well!

8. Caught up on small things…

For some reason, humans tend to let the little things control so much of their lives; we struggle to see the bigger picture.

This quote not only applies to our appearance, but our goals, life experiences, and gospel living. Remember to have a broadened and eternal perspective.

9. Have experiences with Him…

I don’t think I’ve ever asked God how He feels about me, but I do think it’s an important fact for everyone to know. I also think the best time to ask this question is when we’ve done something wrong.

One resolution I think many Christians have is to build their relationship with God, and what better way to do it than ask Him to share His feelings?

10. Something better…

The moment I heard this quote from Elder Holland, I understood the true meaning of “mind blown.”

In our finite minds, it’s not always easy to believe that our deepest desires, wishes, and ambitions are not actually what’s best for us. God knows exactly what will make you the happiest, and we have to let our own ideas go in order to see what He has in store.

11. Do what sparks a light in you…

Again, let’s focus on adding the good. Occasionally, I’ll get in a mood where I have to question if this is all life has in store for me. Then I remember that I really love drawing and long-boarding and playing the violin.

When we do the things that spark a light in us, we are reminded of reasons we’re here in the first place.

12. Reach for God…

Enough said.

13. Build laughter…

I’m the kind of person who approaches everything with humor. And I must say, it’s done a lot of good in my life. At times, the only thing that’s kept me going is a sense of humor.

When we’re feeling like there’s nothing else, like we’ve run out of “adequate materials,” I promise there’s always something to laugh about. And if you feel there isn’t, ask God to help—He has a perfect sense of humor, after all!

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14. Sit with winners…

This has been on my mind a lot lately. How would your mindset change if you were only surrounded by people who’ve succeeded? You’d probably have more faith in yourself, right?

Truly successful people are motivated by an “I can” mentality. Surround yourself with them, and watch it develop in you, as well.

15. Start over…

Who says you have to be the same person today you were yesterday? Sometimes, I think we behave as the person others think we are, simply because that’s who we’ve always been.

Well I say, go ahead and re-invent yourself! It’s never the wrong time to be who you’ve always wanted to be. Make 2020 YOUR year.



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