20 Ways to Lose Friends and Make Enemies in Your Mormon Ward

Image via utahvalley360.com

This article was originally written by Ashley Dickson for Utah Valley 360. The following is an excerpt. 

We call each other “brother” and “sister” every Sunday, but that doesn’t mean we don’t become a little disgruntled with someone in our Mormon ward family from time to time. The book has already been written on winning friends and influencing people. Let our 20 tips warn you against losing friends and making enemies in your LDS congregation.

1. Bring a tray of delicious treats to share with the class you teach — on fast Sunday.

Jurassic Park jello

Make sure the aroma of your baked goods permeates the room of hungry saints.

2. Wear pants to church.

Downton Abbey pants

3. Throw in a little mild profanity when you offer a comment in Sunday school.

MIchelle, Full House

4. Bring an ultra-healthy dish to a ward potluck.

She's the Man - Amanda Bynes, Kill Me

Read Dickson’s full post at utahvalley360.com.

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