Activities to Remember the Restoration of The Aaronic Priesthood


Why May 15th is so Special?

To most, May 15 is nothing special, but to Mormons it is a day to honor and celebrate the anniversary of the priesthood! In 1829 the restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood took place and the priesthood was once again on the earth. How can you celebrate this important event? Whether you want to celebrate by yourself, with your family, or at church, has ideas to keep you covered.

Celebrate with Your Family

Aaronic Priesthood birthday cake with cookies
Spending time together as a family and learning about the Aaronic Priesthood will help you grow closer together.
      1. Birthday Party

Celebrate the restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood with a party! Make a cake and enjoy some of the activities below with family and friends!

      1. Umbrella Activity

Get crafty with construction paper and teach your children how the priesthood protects your family!

      1. Movie Night

This is a great way to spend time together! Grab everyone in your household along with some blankets and sit down to “Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration”.

      1. Restoration Cup Song 

Using cups was my favorite way to teach the Restoration lesson! It really helps kids to understand how we have the Priesthood today. What better way to do that than to learn the lesson through song?

      1. Keys of the Priesthood Box 

Engage your children in an activity of decorating a box and some keys and then demonstrate how Joseph Smith unlocked the keys to the priesthood with this activity.


Celebrations for the Youth and YSA

Chocolate Chip Cookies
As you participate in gospel-oriented activities with your peers, you will impact each other for the better.
      1. Chocolate Chip Cookies

As May 15 also happens to be National Chocolate Chip Day, bake cookies to take them to priesthood leaders in the ward or stake and to eat while participating in the below activities.

      1. Priesthood Jeopardy.

Eat some of those cookies as you play Jeopardy to see who is the priesthood know it all.

      1. Service Activity

Go out and serve those in your ward boundaries. Watch the “Magnificent Priesthood” video to get pumped up to serve!

      1. Missionary Lesson

As a missionary, I loved every opportunity that I had to sit down with the youth and see how they were influenced by the gospel. Get your local missionaries to sit down and teach the Restoration lesson to your young men and women.

      1. Panel Discussion

Invite several priesthood men to a panel discussion where they can be asked questions about how the priesthood affects their lives and how they have used it.


Celebrations Especially for Women

printable flip book on Motherhood
When women’s roles are combined with men’s, both women and men are blessed.
      1. Printable Books

Learn just how special your role as a woman is in it’s partnership with the priesthood by printing out and putting together the book “Motherhood and Priesthood”.

      1. Reading

Spend an afternoon with Sheri Dew by picking up and reading her book “Women and the Priesthood”. While I was in the MTC, she came and spoke to us. She is wonderful!

      1. Visiting Teaching

I love making visiting teaching fun! Take some Priesthood Reeses to those you visit teach along with a note, telling them about your testimony of the priesthood.

      1. Relief Society Party

Emma Smith was the first Relief Society president! She played a huge role in the Restoration. Have a movie night exclusively for sisters from the ward and watch Emma Smith: My Story.


Celebrations for Children

Lego creation of Captain Moroni
As with schoolwork, aspects of the gospel are sometimes better learned with age-appropriate activities.
      1. Legos

As a kid, I spent hours playing with these colorful blocks and figurines. Use this fun toy to act out stories about prophets and apostles or others who hold the priesthood with your kids.

      1. Priesthood Coloring Time

Find coloring pages online to teach your children about the priesthood.

      1. Origami Notes

Write notes or draw pictures to priesthood leaders and then fold them into origami shirts to give to them.


Celebrations for Everyone

The temple at night
The blessings of the Aaronic Priesthood are there for everyone. Open your eyes and reach out for them!
      1. The Temple

Spend some time at the house of the Lord, do Family History, or think of someone who is of need, call the temple, and submit their name for the prayer list.

      1. Authority Line 

Through, find out how your line of authority or that of a close relative is linked to Jesus Christ by requesting a Priesthood line of authority.

      1. Letter Writing

Write a letter to a priesthood holder or two you love to make them feel appreciated and that their role matters.


As a result of the Restoration of the Priesthood and Christ’s church as a whole, there are millions of members in the church today. When they first became members they were baptized. This necessary ordinance is granted to us by the authority of God that is the Priesthood. Truly, this is something to be thankful for! Please tell us how the Priesthood has affected your life or how you chose to celebrate this day!

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