Devin Super Tramp Films Easter Video in Holy Land


Devin Graham, also known as Devin Super Tramp by the YouTube world, recently released a new video for Easter.

Graham wrote on his YouTube page,

We just released perhaps the most meaningful video of the year for us! It captures the things that matter most to us, that help fuel our passion to inspire and change the world for the better.

Graham continued by saying that “regardless of what faith you [belong to,] regardless of what country you’re from, we are all in this together to love each other, and we hope with all our hearts that this video can express that. #‎Becausehelives‬.”

Check out Devin Super Tramp’s YouTube channel for more of his viral videos.

Bridget is a newsroom writer at She graduated in April 2015 from Brigham Young University in communications with an emphasis of public relations. She served a Spanish speaking LDS mission in McAllen, Texas. She is a skilled pianist and an expert baker of chocolate chip cookies.