5 Unique Family Home Evening Lessons

Family Home Evening Lesson

We reached out to our readers and asked you what were the most unique family home evening lessons you ever got to participate in.

And you let us know! Thanks for all who answered, and look for our question next week. Your response might be highlighted in a future article

5. Make Lumpia


Forum user anatess told us, “I taught [my family] to make lumpia to prepare them for their mission… they can snack with it, dine with it, bring it to events, share it, fundraise with it… etc. etc. etc.” If you’ve never tried this hardy, easy to make, egg-roll like dish yourself check out this lumpia recipe.

4. The Donut Lesson

Boy doing pushups


Marcene Oldham shared with us on Facebook, “The teacher calls one (usually athletic) person to the front. Then takes out a box of warm donuts. You ask the first child if they want a donuts, and of course they say yes. You then turn to the person in the front and ask them to do ten push ups. With each individual around the room, the person in the front must do ten pushups. This can act as a useful analogy for the atonement.”

3. Tower of Babel Brownies

Tower of Babel made from Brownies

Chelsea Marriot told us that she had a family home evening lesson where they”tried to build the Tower of Babel with brownies and it fell down.”

2. Fiery Nerf Darts of the Adversary

Child shoots a nerf gun

Faith Stortz shared one of the most unique Family Home Evening Lessons her family ever had. “We had one about the fiery darts of Satan. We all took turns being the sin and hitting others with nerf bullets.

1. The Flood

Drowning Rubber Ducky

Ben Arkell told us on Facebook that, “We used little toy animals, put them in the bathtub, then turned on the shower and watched it flood. It was pretty cool!”

What were the most unique Family Home Evening Lessons you ever saw or participated in? Let us know in the comments!

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