General Authorities on Romantic Love


The General Authorities of the Church have given advice on just about everything. Spiritual growth, repentance and applying the Atonement, improving our relationships, keeping the commandments, etc.

And guess what? They give great advice about love, too! Here are some of our very favorite quotes from General Authorities about love:

1. Celestial Love is Romantic Love

“Romantic love is not only a part of life, but literally a dominating influence of it. It is deeply and significantly religious. There is no abundant life without it. Indeed, the highest degree of the celestial kingdom is unattainable in the absence of it.” -Boyd K. Packer

quote from boyd k. packer about love

2. Love your Choice

“Choose your love; love your choice.” -Thomas S. Monson
President Monson kissing Sister Monson

3. Care for Each Other

“Husband and wife have a solemn responsibility to love and care for each other and for their children.” -The Family: A Proclamation to the World

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4. Cleanliness, Progress, Sacrifice, and Selflessness

“Love is cleanliness and progress and sacrifice and selflessness. This kind of love never tires nor wanes, but lives through sickness and sorrow, poverty and privation, accomplishment and disappointment, time and eternity.” -Spencer W. Kimball

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5. We Ahead of Me

“If we look at love between two who are preparing for temple marriage, we see the elements of sacrifice and of serving each other’s best interests, not a shortsighted ‘me’ interest. True love and happiness in courtship and marriage are based upon honesty, self-respect, sacrifice, consideration, courtesy, kindness, and placing ‘we’ ahead of ‘me.’”-Marvin G. Ashton

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6. Love is not Something you Fall Into

“True love is not something you fall in, but something you grow in.” -Lynn G. Robbins
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7. Faith has Everything to do with Romance

“Believe that your faith has everything to do with your romance, because it does.” -Jeffrey R. Holland

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8. Say “I Love You” and Mean It

“We should remember that saying “I love you” is only a beginning. We need to say it, we need to mean it, and most importantly, we need consistently to show it.”-David A. Bednar

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9. Care for Love

“If you want something to last forever, you treat it differently. You shield it and protect it. You never abuse it. You don’t expose it to the elements. You don’t make it common or ordinary. If it ever becomes tarnished, you lovingly polish it until it gleams like new. It becomes special because you made it so, and it grows more beautiful and precious as time goes by.” -Elder F. Burton Howard

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10. Choose to be Happy

“When was the last time I chose to be happy, rather than demanding to be right?” -Linda K. Burton

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Do you have any favorite quotes from General Authorities about love? Share them with us in the comments below!

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