How Does God Feel About Body Image?


Ah, body image—a topic we are all well-versed in, yet no one seems to have mastered it. Even when we are feeling our best, there’s always something to pick at, isn’t there? Now, that’s a thought! Body image is like a scab that never heals, because we won’t let it. So how does the Master Healer feel about that?

His Feelings As Our Healer

Hand, mom, holdI have recently found a new love; his name is Gym. We’ve been pretty steady for several months now, and I’ve gotta say, it’s going really well.

Working out for me is therapeutic. My physique hasn’t changed a whole lot. I don’t suddenly have my “dream body” or loads of confidence, BUT I just feel… Good.

When I focus on my health, rather than my appearance, many things in life seem to get better. More energy equals better work performance. More endorphins (happy hormones) equals a better outlook on life. You get the gist.

The fact that we were given the Word of Wisdom shows that God cares about how we treat our bodies. He knows that well-cared-for bodies can be the ultimate healing factor, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.

There are a lot of things that serve as mere “Band-aids” to our body image “scabs.” Please take note of what those might be in your life and first apply the “Neosporin” God has given us: exercise and nutrition.

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His Feelings As Our Creator

Astronaut, weightless, spaceIt’s not news to you or me that God is our Creator and we are His works of art. But we don’t often see ourselves as art, do we? And even if we did, we’d probably view ourselves as something awkwardly abstract like this:


But I’m talking about majestic art, here. God didn’t draw you with His left hand and slap you on the refrigerator for a week just to make you feel better. He took His time with you. He created mountains and sunsets and colorful birds that sing, and He thought the world needed one of you, too. That’s gotta mean something, right?

There’s a quote by Victoria Grant (@AwkwardisKey) that I like to read often, just to keep myself in check. She Tweeted:

TBH I’m kinda bummed that I look at the sky and think ‘whoa God is so amazing’ but look in the mirror and think ‘ugh’ as if He didn’t make both.

Just because you don’t have admirers all the time, doesn’t mean you’re not a masterpiece. It’s okay to have insecurities—we all do. But take some time every day to admire the things you like about His work. He wants you to see the beauty that He does, both in yourself and His other precious creations (including people.)

His Feelings As Our Father

Walking through the orchardsAs the kind, loving, and perfect parent that He is, God cares more for your personal development than your appearance. You see, there are things in this life that won’t follow you in the life to come. One of those things is your physical appearance. However, the characteristics you develop will be with you forever, and that’s really what matters to God—the big picture.

I absolutely LOVE this quote by John Mayer:

If you’re pretty, you’re pretty; but the only way to be beautiful is to be loving. Otherwise, it’s just “congratulations about your face.”

I’m sure God will not be sarcastically congratulating people about their faces at the judgment bar, but He will most definitely be measuring who we have become. It’s not about being gorgeous, handsome, athletic, or smart. It’s about becoming kind, compassionate, thoughtful, and loving.

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What actions do children take to make their parents proud? I guarantee it has nothing to do with sitting there and looking attractive. In fact, that’s not how to make yourself proud, either! Lately, I’ve been experiencing this very thing.

Many close people in my life have noticed my confidence go up, and guess why that is? I’ve been making myself proud. I started a blog, I’ve been writing for ThirdHour, I’ve been [insert other goals I’ve previously procrastinated here]; and it’s all building my confidence—WITHOUT a change to my physical appearance.

So… What’s The Point, Again?

Lost in the momentDoes God care about your body image? Yes. Of course! He cares about the things you care about. BUT, He also sees the bigger picture. And if you work on those “bigger picture” goals (a.k.a. how you feel physically/mentally, and what you become emotionally/spiritually), I PROMISE your body image and sense of self-worth will increase naturally.

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What are your own conclusions about body image? Share in the comments below.

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