5 Expectations for a Mormon Christmas

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I have yet to spend Christmas at a “Mormon” family’s house.

Before I was a member of the LDS Church, my friend and I talked about LDS family traditions during the holidays. I remember my childhood LDS friend’s family went all out during the holidays. That’s what it’s like for my husband’s family too.

His mother LOVES Christmas! She’s already playing Christmas songs the day after Thanksgiving. The family also gets their Christmas tree and starts decorating after Thanksgiving. My husband shared with me how amazing Christmas is at his house. I’m excited to see what they have planned for Christmas!

1. Decorations

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Ever since our marriage last July, my mother-in-law has given me Christmas decorations the past two birthdays and the last Christmas. In a birthday card, she said that every year she will add to my nativity. I love the Christmas gifts we received. I’ve never really had any of my own Christmas decorations.

Honestly, it’s crazy to think how many LDS families go above and beyond with Christmas decorations. They can’t wait for Thanksgiving to be over so they can start decorating their house with Christmas decor. I’ve already seen many posts on Facebook and Instagram of people Christmas-decorating the outside and inside of their houses. My husband and I haven’t even started decorating. My Vietnamese parents aren’t decorating this year because we won’t be there.

2. Gifts, Gifts, & More Gifts!

(via Mirror)
(via Mirror)

One thing I’ve noticed at my friends house is that their house is filled with so many Christmas gifts. Not only next to one Christmas tree, but next to two Christmas trees. Even my husband shared how his parents have a ton of gifts near the tree for all of their kids, and there’s about 6-8 of us plus two grand-kids. He said we’ll open one on Christmas Eve and then the next morning, they open up a bunch more.

Even though we didn’t spend Christmas with his family last year, we still got Christmas gifts! Instead of waiting for us to visit for New Year’s, she decided to bring all of our gifts up to Utah. It was insane how many presents she’s wrapped for us already.

3. Matching Pajamas

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(via Pinterest)

As I was talking to members of the LDS Church about LDS family traditions, the first thing they mentioned was matching pajamas. Every Christmas, LDS families buy matching pajamas for every single family member. They wear them to sleep Christmas Eve night. Usually the next morning, everyone takes family pictures in their matching pajamas. One even told me that some families have a fashion show.

4. Games

(via Tip Junkie)
(via Tip Junkie)

Growing up, I never really played games with my family at holiday gatherings. But when I went to celebrate Thanksgiving at my LDS friend’s house, they played games. Even Christmas! I remember after eating dinner with my family on Christmas, I went to visit her at her cousin’s house. They played games again… and watched family videos. The same year they go to the same house or host the same gathering. Like I said, they don’t stray away from their traditions.

This is what I’ve expected for an LDS family. I hope that one day my husband and I will be able to do all of these things for our future family. I want to be able to have a lot of decorations inside and outside of our house. I want to give our gifts—as many gifts as we can. Everything just needs to be decked out for Christmas.

5. Skyping a Missionary

(via LDS Missionaries)
(via LDS Missionaries)

Those who may have family member serving a mission will be expected to Skype with their missionary on Christmas day. Missionaries can only Skype their families during two holidays, Christmas and Mother’s Day.

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Nic is currently majoring in multimedia journalism at BYU. She is also writing for The Daily Universe at BYU. Nic became a member of the LDS Church in January of 2015. Her hobbies are tennis, baking, fishing, doing puzzles, and photography.