9 Reasons Why Post-Christmastime is the WORST

grouchy at Christmas

If Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year… then what is the day AFTER Christmas?

To be perfectly honest, it’s a little…. anti-climactic.

There’s so much hype leading up to December 25th: Christmas tunes non-stop for the last month (or longer, if you’re one of THOSE people), advent calendars, cookies on cookies on cookies, and Christmas movies on every channel.

And then in one day, it’s just gone. Bye, Christmas. See ya again in 364.

In the spirit of our old friend Mr. Scrouge, we’ve compiled a list of nine post-Christmas events that are just, to be delicate, really stinkin’ annoying.

1. Holiday Weight Gain

Raise your hand if you can resist sugar cookies decorated like Christmas trees or gingerbread men or the classic chocolate chip cookie.


Unless you have a super power that I’m incredibly envious of, you’ve probably fallen victim to eating one too many treats this holiday season…. And inevitably put on a pound or two.

Now you couldn’t pay me enough money to give up Christmas cookies (although I’m willing to negotiate, so contact me if you have any offers), but not being able to fit into my jeans post-Christmas? Yeah. That, I could certainly live without.

2. Taking Down Christmas Lights in Zero-Degree Weather

taking down christmas lights^Can we just talk about how this picture perfectly sums up all the post-Christmastime feels?

Seriously, though. Putting up Christmas lights makes you feel like you’re in the Nutcracker; it’s an art form. You have to put everything in just the right spot as you pirouette your way across the roof in an attempt to create your very own winter wonderland. (First, I want to apologize for the gone-too-far ballet metaphor. My b. Secondly, never pirouette on the roof. You may look beautiful as you fall to your doom, but you will fall nonetheless.)

But taking down the Christmas lights? I mean, it’s not that I don’t love the depressing feeling of taking down all of my lights that took approximately 80 hours to put up… but actually, yes it is. I don’t love that at all.

Plus, for whatever reason, it’s always -2 degrees when you go to take them down, creating a sense of dread as you realize that you don’t look very good with nose-sicles. I mean, would taking the lights down in July really be so bad?!

Short answer: yes. Sorry. Nose-sicles it is.

3. Figuring Out if Your Real Tree Will Make it Through New Years Without Catching Fire

christmas tree fireOkay. Four words: look at that picture. #noexplanationnecessary

4. Standing in line to return things

returning things lineIt’s bad enough waiting in lines to purchase your Christmas presents, but waiting in line to return something makes pre-Christmas shopping seem like a luxurious stroll on the beach.

It’s basically like waiting in line at the DMV: literally everyone is angry, there’s probably 6 babies crying (and echoing our inner feelings), and then you get up to the counter and realize you left something essential at home. Well, two things: your receipt and your dignity. ???

5. Trying to Hide the Fact That You Returned a Gift

nervous gif“I’ve included the gift receipt, so you can return it if you want,” or in other, more honest, words, “I’ve included the gift receipt, but I’ll literally disown you if you return this gift.”

Trying to hide the fact that you’re going to return a gift is beyond stressful. It’s like having to take all of your finals in one day. And they’re AP classes. And you forgot a pencil.

Basically the best way we can describe that feeling is through a That’s So Raven gif. She gets us.

6. Getting Your Hand Cut Open Trying to Open Toys

barbie plasticSomeone please explain to me why why WHY all children’s toys are packaged in approximately 80 tons of plastic.

I mean, I get it: no company wants its toys stolen. But all that packaging makes me feel like the only toy my future children will be playing with is a rag doll. Or just the plastic that that all those toys are wrapped in, because there’s no way that I can get to the actual toy. #sorryfuturebabies

7. Winter Without More Holidays

Michael Jordan crying gifUnless you’re super into Valentines Day (or Galentines day; where my P&R fans at?!), once New Year’s is over, there’s not any more major holidays to look forward to.

All there is to look forward to is dead trees, slushy snow, and the air freezing your tears to your face.

In the words of Luke Skywalker after realizing that his daddy is none other than notorious mouth breather Darth Vader…. “NOOOOOOO!”

8. Going Back to Work or School

Work memeThere’s nothing worse than going back to school or work after a blissful holiday.

Before Christmas, everyone is so cheerful: they’re bringing in treats, humming their favorite Christmas tunes, and they’re just generally excited about the impending holiday.

When you have to face reality again after Christmas, everyone’s a little on the grouchy side and inevitably three people will sneeze on the back of your neck. Flu season, boo season. ?

9. Listening to Kids’ Toys 800 Times in a Row

covering earsSeeing little kids open Christmas presents is one of the cutest things in the world. It ranks among the likes of watching videos of puppies just learning to bark and hearing babies giggle uncontrollably.

Significantly less adorable, however, is hearing those same toys’ songs and squeaks for countless weeks after Christmas.

Don’t even ask me about my nephew’s “Ba Ba Black Sheep” toy that I listened to at least a thousand times over the course of three days. I don’t want to get into it. #stilltraumatized

But while there may be a few post-Christmas irritants that we would gladly forego — such as stepping on loose pine needles well into February — it’s important to recognize that all of those things don’t really matter in the long-run.

Christmas itself isn’t about the gifts or the Christmas tree or the lights. It’s not about Christmas ham or holiday parties; it’s not even about Santa nor his elves.

It’s about the person who makes every hard thing in life — even the most trivial of things — better. He makes every situation worthwhile in the end.

It’s all about the greatest gift that’s ever been given: our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s about His birth and how the most wonderful, glorious being to ever walk our earth was born in the lowliest of circumstances.

Christmas is about remembering Jesus Christ. And thankfully, we can do that on December 26th and every day that follows.

Amy Carpenter served a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Denver, Colorado, where she learned to love mountains and despise snow. She has a passion for peanut butter, dancing badly, and most of all, the gospel.