Christmas Devotional Brings Messages of Jesus Christ

Last night The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints held their annual Christmas Devotional at The Conference Center in Salt Lake City. Watch the full devotional above, or read some highlights from the evening below.

Richard J. Maynes, Presidency of the Seventy
  • The books of Matthew and Luke are the most well-documented family history account ever given.
  • The Christmas story is the story of a family that connected both Heaven and Earth… and should motivate us to emulate the attributes of this family.
  • Mary was hand chosen by God to be the mother of Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father chose a common woman. She possessed the attributes of holiness, obedience, and great faith.
  • Joseph was a man of humility and complete integrity. Just think how much Heavenly Father trusted Joseph.
  • This Holy family provides a loving pattern of celestial attributes that will lead us back to the celestial kingdom.
Bonnie L. Oscarson, Young Women General President

small things mean the most

  • The best gifts are not material things… listening, showing kindness, remembering, and forgiving are.
  • Sometimes the smallest acts have the greatest impact.
D. Todd Christofferson, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
  • Just like Jesus, we came down to do the will of Him who sent us.
  • We are the spirit offspring of God… thus, our birth, like Christ’s, has a noble purpose.
  • If Jesus needed certain experiences, might we also need specific circumstances and trials?
President Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor, First Presidency
  • What they saw with their physical eyes, was a baby. What they went to verify was only visible through spiritual feelings.
  • The Savior came into the world with light designed to confirm and celebrate his arrival.
  • Every soul who walks the earth, wherever he lives… had at birth an endowment of that first light, which is called the light of Christ.
  • Jesus Christ is the light and the life of the world, a light that is endless and can never be darkened.

Whitney studied Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism at BYU. She also served as Miss Utah 2009 and spent her year promoting Children's Miracle Network, fundraising for anti-bullying/suicide prevention programs, and speaking to mutual groups.