It’s time to turn our focus to Christmas.

In honor of Jesus Christ, the LDS Church has prepared a 2016 Christmas initiative, entitled #LIGHTtheWORLD, to celebrate His birth and light. The initiative begins November 25th and ends Christmas day. Local church leaders received information about the initiative that can be used for Christmas activity planning. This information can also be useful for families.

Light The World Video

Releasing November 25th, the “Light the World” video emphasizes on bringing the light into the world this Christmas. We can be a light to those around us by serving them and inviting them over for dinner. We can also invite others to help us serve those in need.

Christmas Advent Activity Calendar

(via Mormon.org)
(via Mormon.org)

The Church has created a Christmas advent activity calendar, starting on December 1st, that represents Christ’s attributes. Each day, there will be a different Christlike behavior that we can exemplify. We can download the advent calendar at Mormon.org.

  • December 1: Jesus lifted others’ burdens
  • December 2: Jesus honored his parents
  • December 3: Jesus helped others to see
  • December 4: Jesus worshipped his father
  • December 5Jesus healed the sick
  • December 6: Jesus read the scriptures
  • December 7: Jesus fed the hungry
  • December 8: Jesus prayed for others
  • December 9: Jesus visited the lonely
  • December 10: Jesus helped people to walk
  • December 11: Jesus ministered to children
  • December 12: Jesus taught others
  • December 13: Jesus showed humility
  • December 14: Jesus taught us to clothe the naked
  • December 15: Jesus worshipped through song
  • December 16: Jesus showed compassion
  • December 17: Jesus cared for his mother
  • December 18: Jesus honored the sabbath
  • December 19: Jesus calmed the storm
  • December 20: Jesus saw potential in others
  • December 21: Jesus forgave others
  • December 22: Jesus showed gratitude
  • December 23: Jesus was a peacemaker
  • December 24: Jesus cared for his loved ones
  • December 25: Jesus’s disciples followed him

Pass-Along Cards and Posters

(via LDS Media Talks)
(via LDS Media Talks)

Pass-along cards and posters are a perfect way for us to share our favorite Christ-themed Conference talks or favorite Christ centered scriptures with others. We can also write a message about why we love our Savior. We should encourage everyone to #LIGHTtheWORLD with us this Christmas. We can also download the pass-along cards and posters at comeuntochrist.org.

Thanksgiving isn’t over yet and people have already been tweeting about the #LIGHTtheWORLD. They are excited to share how we can help bring the light this Christmas starting December 1.

Comment below on how you hope to #LIGHTtheWORLD this Christmas.

Nic is currently majoring in multimedia journalism at BYU. She is also writing for The Daily Universe at BYU. Nic became a member of the LDS Church in January of 2015. Her hobbies are tennis, baking, fishing, doing puzzles, and photography.