Vending Machines of Service— Yeah, it’s a Thing

A woman stands between two vending machines, one black and on red, and appears to be attempting to choose between them recently shared‘s Day 1 video of the #LightTheWorld campaign and it’s awesome.

The video shows us two vending machines sitting side-by-side on a busy city street (NYC perhaps?).

The vending machine to the left is a regular vending machine with snacks and goodies inside that you can buy for yourself with the word “Get” written on the glass. To the right of the “Get” machine is a very unique, red machine with the words “Give” written on the glass.

The “Give” machine doesn’t have chips, gum, or Snickers Bars inside, but instead offers services and supplies that can be bought and given to people in need. Items such as first-aid kits, socks, school shoes for children, two chickens and even a goat can be purchased and given to people in need. explains how each red, service vending machine has “items that can be purchased and donated to beneficiary charities that help feed the hungry, help ensure we all have clean water, etc. Instead of dispensing products directly to customers like traditional vending machines, purchases will drop straight down into a Plexiglas collection bin where passersby can see the number of charitable donations grow, providing an instant act of service.”

It’s important to know that every item purchased helps to 1) fund a worldwide effort to fight poverty by CARE, 2) support the Utah Food Bank to feed the hungry and 3) give glasses to children in need via Eye Care 4 Kids.

Check out the Day 1 video below and see for yourself how these red vending machines are offering passerby a chance to serve others and #LightTheWorld.

Interested in seeing/using one of these machines for yourself? There’s one coming to Salt Lake City that can be found in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building on December 1st!

See the announcement, price range of items, and pictures of the machine from the Facebook post below.

If you’re interested in seeing the rest of the 25 days of service videos, check them out here on or you can sift through them on this YouTube Playlist.

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Camille Beecroft is a senior at Utah Valley University Studying English with an emphasis in Writing Studies. She loves to speak and learn different languages, always searches for ways to satisfy her wanderlust and connect with people, and compulsively buys/watches movies when she gets stressed.