No Money? No Worries. Easy Costumes for This Year’s Ward Halloween Party.

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Now I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want to spend money on an outfit that I will wear only one day out of the whole year. Of course, there are the stereotypical costumes—pirate, athlete, nerd, cowboy/cowgirl, etc. But you can do better than that. So what are some creative costumes that you would be able to put together with things you already have lying around the house?


All you need are some sandals, cargo/khaki shorts, a fanny pack, and a hat. Walk around taking pictures on your phone or camera, and your look is complete!

Tourist Halloween CostumeCat Burglar

Just wear all black and then put any stuffed animal cats you own into a backpack. Haha, get it?

Cat Burglar Halloween CostumeCandy Rappers

This one is fairly self-explanatory. A nice bonus is that you can actually EAT the candy before you tape it on your clothes.

Candy Rappers Halloween CostumeCereal Killer

Since I doubt you will actually be able to take a real knife to your ward Halloween party, I would recommend taking a fake or making one out of cardboard.

Cereal Killer Halloween CostumeModern Vampire

No longer do our vampires have the high-collared capes with the long, slicked-back hair in a ponytail. All you need to be a modern vampire is a smoldering look and a leather jacket.

Modern Vampire Halloween CostumeGold Digger

This one is pretty funny. Just wear some gold jewelry & borrow a shovel (or again, make one out of cardboard).

Gold Digger Halloween CostumeSick Person

This is a super easy way to be comfortable the entire night—wear your pajamas and walk around with a box of Kleenex. 

Pajamas Halloween CostumeDuck Dynasty

Wear camouflage. If you have a beard you get bonus points.

Duck Dynasty Halloween CostumeGreaser

Use a tiny bit of gel…who am I kidding, use a LOT of gel to get that slicked back hair, then add a white t-shirt & cuffed jeans. If you have one, add a leather jacket.

Greaser Halloween Costume

Cookie Monster

Some people are pretty hardcore with this costume, but I would just wear a blue shirt and walk around eating cookies. Is there a downside to this costume? Absolutely not.

Cookie Monster Halloween CostumeStatic Cling

Just pin some socks all over your body along with a dryer sheet or two. Also, it’d be a pain to brush out afterward, but teasing your hair might add a nice touch.

Static Cling Halloween CostumeBoo from Monsters, Inc.

Pink shirt with purple leggings. Easy peasy.

Boo Monsters Inc Halloween CostumeEleven from Stranger Things

All you need for this look is a pink dress & some waffles. Let’s be honest, why WOULDN’T you want to go buy some waffles?

Eleven Stranger Things Halloween CostumeBrawny Man

Just throw on a red plaid shirt & carry around the paper towels. If anyone spills anything at the ward party, you’ll be more than ready to assist.

Brawny Paper Towels Halloween CostumeMen in Black

Suit & sunglasses. Boom. You now have a costume.

Men in Black Halloween Costume


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