DIY These 10 Supercute Trunk or Treat Decor Ideas

trunk or treat

With the traditional ward Trunk-or-Treat just around the corner, here are some ideas (along with lists of decor items needed) to spark your imagination.

Here’s to a first place award this year!

Hawaii Five-Oh!

  • Hula skirts
  • Hawaiian print fabric
  • Luau decor
  • Paper lanterns
  • Tiki masks/decorations
  • Blow-up palm trees (could also use cardboard cut-outs)
  • Additions not pictured in photo: Cardboard cut out and painted to look like a surfboard, flip flops, beach towels with a Hawaiian theme

The Mouse is in the House (or the car)!

  • Black plastic tablecloth
  • Red plastic tablecloth
  • Black butcher paper or cardboard cut into two large circles/top of head
  • Yellow butcher paper cut into buttons and shoes
  • White butcher paper cut into white gloves

Welcome, Great Pumpkin!

  • Black fabric or black plastic tablecloth
  • Large paper cut outs of Snoopy characters (can be done on posterboard)
  • Large white paper moon cutout with Snoopy silhouette
  • Star cut outs for black background
  • Various pumpkins of all shapes and sizes
  • Fake foliage to create pumpkin vines (ivy garland works well)
  • Sign that says ‘WELCOME, GREAT PUMPKIN!”
  • White fabric draped over buckets or stools that appear like little children dressed up as ghosts
  • 1 cute little kid in a Charlie Brown costume

Giant Bubble Gum Machine

  • Sheet of white clear plastic (usually found in hardware store)
  • Two pieces of cardboard painted red to become top and bottom of bubble gum machine
  • LOTS of balloons to be giant pieces of bubble gum
  • Cardboard pieces painted silver or covered in foil for coin and part of bubble gum machine

Purple People Eater

  • Note: This could really be any color monster you would like.
  • Several plastic tablecloths
  • Feather boa
  • Two white balloons for eyeballs (black pupil colored in)
  • Red tablecloth for tongue
  • Tissue paper flowers/pompoms
  • Foil fringe (party decor)
  • Triangle-shaped teeth cut out of white posterboard

Lego Mania!

  • Plastic tablecloths for background
  • Giant Lego head container for candy (can also spray paint a glass jar with lid to look similar)
  • Cardboard cutouts of Lego figures (can order on party store websites) or create your own with cardboard and paint
  • Cardboard boxes with plastic bowls glued on top and spray-painted to look like Legos

Holy Trunk or Treat, Batman!

  • Three-panel display board (like the kind used for science fairs) painted with city skyline and Bat Signal OR black plastic tablecloth to look like night sky
  • Several tall, skinny boxes painted to look like city buildings at night
  • Superhero sayings printed on cardstock

Anybody Want a Cookie?!

  • Blue plastic tablecloths or tarps
  • White cardboard cutouts for eyes
  • Brown cardboard cutouts for cookies


  • Paper squares of various colors for Candyland path
  • Buckets or bowls spray painted to look like gumdrops
  • Cardboard cutouts to look like game pieces
  • Plastic tablecloths in bright colors to create background
  • Mylar balloons that look like candy OR balloons/cardboard cutouts wrapped in plastic cellophane to look like hard candy or lollipops
  • Foil-wrapped buckets or large bowls shaped to look like a Hershey’s kiss
  • Posterboard with lettering similar to Candyland game

Finding Nemo

  • Lots of blue plastic tablecloths or tarps for water
  • Blue/aqua streamers or strips of cloth
  • Blue/aqua balloons
  • Cardboard cutouts or stuffed animals of Nemo and friends
  • Green streamers for seaweed

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