3 New Music Videos Honor Moms for Mother’s Day

Sara Arkell video still

Mormon musicians have released three new music videos honoring moms for Mother’s Day. Depending on how you react to sentiment, all three could be tear-jerkers.

Nik Day — “Miracle”

Nik Day Mormon musicianNik Day sounds like John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Michael Bublé rolled into one. He describes his style like this: “…jazz-influenced piano-pop with a hint of ragtime and a lot of soul … throw in some apple pie and you’re set.” With an Air Force dad, Nik was born in Japan. Always musical, by the age of 16, he had compiled a book of original piano solos and sold it to piano teachers and their students in his then hometown of Idaho Falls.

In high school Nik’s uncle provided him with loop libraries, and he had a microphone that he plugged into his computer. With that setup, he was able to record his pop songs and experiment with integrating new instruments into his compositions. Once in college, he performed widely with groups at BYU-I, then served a mission in Mexico. He transferred into the media music program at BYU after his mission. His youtube channel launched in 2010. His channel now has 7,033 subscribers and 428,320 views. 

Working with Lemons — Cinderella, Motherhood in Real Life

Working with Lemons group

The Bagley Family became famous with their Disney takes, especially their video of “Do You Want to Build, a Snowman” from Frozen, which now has garnered an astonishing 259,552,488 views. They have over 800,000 subscribers on their youtube channel.

This fantastic video was a major collaborative effort between Working with Lemons and YouTuber Melea Johnson from The Melea Show. In fact, that’s Melea as the Cinderella mom.

Utah residents will be able to identify the opening scenes of their Mother’s Day video as the gorgeous setting of La Caille at Quail Run in Salt Lake Valley. The video is a collaborative effort with YouTuber Melea Johnson from The Melea Show.

Sara Arkell — When She Loved Me

Sara ArkellSara Arkell is known as The Piano Gal. Only 14 years old, she has been performing for years. Her youtube channel has had 512,121 views to date. This is the first time she has sung in one of her videos, and her voice is golden.

Sara is home-schooled (as are her five younger siblings). In addition to playing the piano, she likes to babysit, cook, bake, and read books. She’s taken first place in many competitions in Utah including the Salt Lake Piano Competition and Utah State’s Piano Festival.

In March of 2015, Sara released her Frozen- Dueling Siblings video with Jason Lyle Black, which got millions of views on different social media sites. It got worldwide attention, and Sara took her first plane ride to Tokyo, Japan, where she and Jason were invited by Fuji TV to participate in a flash mob.

If you haven’t gotten out your tissues, you are going to need them now.



Gale Boyd is the managing editor for ThirdHour.org. She is a Jewish convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has lived all over the world. She has raised 6 Third Culture Kids and is always homesick for somewhere.