Check out these Old Testament Valentines

Old Testament Valentines graphic

Every Valentine’s Day MormonHub delivers scripture-oriented Valentines you can share online or print out. Since we are studying Old Testament in Sunday School this year, that’s been the source of our inspiration. We think you will love all fourteen!

1. The Dreamer

Joseph valentine old testament

2. Fair to Look Upon

fair to look upon old testament

3. An Ark Full of Love

float boat old testament

4. Jonah’s Pledge

jonah meme old testament

5. Love in the Lion’s Den

lion's den valentine old testament

6. A Ravished Heart

ravished heart meme old testament

7. Parting the Red Sea for Love

parting red sea valentine old testament

8. Samson’s Haircut

samson valentine old testament

9. Secret Love

secret love valentine old testament

10. Seven Years Seems like a Day

seven years valentine old testament

11. The Song of Solo-Man

solo man valentine old testament

12. You’re Everything to me

two of a kind valentine old testament

13. Crumbling Walls

crumbling walls valentine old testament

14. Better than Wine

wine valentine old testament

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