15 Hilarious and Clever White Elephant Gifts for Under $20


It’s pretty certain that you will be playing the White Elephant Game at some point this season. Some people bring actual “white elephants” AKA used objects from your home that no one wants but that could bring a good laugh. But a lot of people either bring candy (always popular) or a newly-purchased gag gift. Some of those gag gifts are too racy for us to recommend, but here are some hilarious and cheap gifts to grab for the occasion.

1. Headband Basketball Game

head basketball gameAdjustable to fit adults and children. Comes with two sets: 2 headbands+ 2 hoops + 2 nets + 6 Stent tubes + 10 white balls + 10 red balls. From Amazon.com for $11.99.

2. The Original Shave and Play Barbie

original shave barbieThe razor is included and it’s REAL, so keep this away from children. Actually, you shouldn’t play the white elephant game with children unless you have identical gifts (see below). I tried it once in the original format and by the end, all the kids were bawling. From Etsy.com for $16.99.

3. Joke gift box

joke jigsaw puzzle boxThis is just an empty box into which you had better put Godiva chocolates. The box claims to carry a 12,000 piece puzzle of a totally blue sky with the moon. The receiver will yell and scream and stamp their feet. Just make sure they open the box and find the real treat before they lunge for someone. From Amazon.com for $7.99.

4. The Worst-Case Scenario Survivor’s Handbook

survival handbookThis is a pretty fun read and could actually come in handy if you fall into a river full of alligators and have actually read it. From Target.com for $13.19.

5. Ugly Christmas Sweater Coloring Book

ugly christmas sweater coloring bookI actually bought this last year and added colored pencils. It was a hit with the kids of the receiver. At least someone had fun. From Amazon.com for $6.49.

6. Elf Apron

elf apronThe hanging legs are a nice touch on this adult-size apron. From Amazon.com for $12.99.

7. Rubber Duckie Men’s Socks

Rubber Duckie socksThese are not only cute, but they’re also well-made. Loads of others on this website, too. From HappySocks.com for $14.00.

8. Therapy Dough

therapy doughThis kneading dough is all the more therapeutic because it is infused with essential oils. From UncommonGoods.com for $15.00 for 1 (4.5-ounce) jar.

9. Ultimo Game

Ultimo GameSmall enough to take on trips and playable by people 8 years and up. From UncommonGoods.com for $15.00.

10. Perplexus Maze Game

perplexus gameEvidently, even the most ADD-distracted person can zone out and relax playing this solitary game.  This 3-D maze has 70 obstacles. From Walmart.com for $14.95.

11. Hatch Your Own Spiders Gag Gift

white elephant spiders gift

Got friends with arachnophobia? Bring this gag gift (really just a box) to see their reaction! Of course, the inside should be filled with something amazing (similar to the puzzle box above). Order it from Amazon.com for $7.95.

12. A **BACON??** Chocolate Bar

bacon chocolate bar

Mo’s Chocolate Bar probably isn’t for the faint of heart, or stomach, for that matter. But if this gift ends up in the hands of someone who likes chocolate and pork, it might be a hit! Find it on Amazon.com for $12.99.

13. Octopus Hat

octopus crochet hat

Adults and kids alike will get a kick out of this octopus winter hat. And it’s a requirement that whoever receives this gift just HAS TO try it on (just imagine how hilarious it could be if Granny were sporting this)!  No need to get out the crochet hook— you can purchase it on Amazon.com for $9.45.

14. The Screaming Goat

The description for this crazy item states: “Become the owner of your very own screaming goat. If you are a goat-loving fiend or you simply can’t get enough of the screaming goat videos then you absolutely need to own a mini screaming goat. Your new goat companion sits on a tree stump and when you give him a gentle press he screams!” Find this unique gift at Barnes & Noble for just $9.95

15. Animal Paw Print Socks



I know, I know—another pair of socks. But these were just too wild not to include! The unisex socks are one-size-fits all (they stretch to the wearer’s foot size) and are so realistic it’s kind of creepy. Check them out on Amazon.com for $11.99 (3 pair).

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Gale Boyd is the managing editor for ThirdHour.org. She is a Jewish convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has lived all over the world. She has raised 6 Third Culture Kids and is always homesick for somewhere.