How Do I Lose Myself in the Service of Others Without Losing Myself?

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This article was originally published by They May Be Light. The following is an excerpt.

It’s something we hear often in church, “If you want to find yourself, lose yourself in the service of others.”  When taken out of context this well meaning adage often leads us to lose ourselves.  We serve and sacrifice for others to the point that we just feel drained and sometimes even taken advantage of.  Sometimes in trying to live the principle “Charity Never Faileth” it feels like I failed.

In 3 Nephi when Christ comes to visit the Nephites He institutes and explains the important ordinance of the sacrament.  Then He says something that always catches my attention:

And I give unto you a commandment that ye shall do these things. And if ye shall always do these things blessed are ye, for ye are built upon my rock. But whoso among you shall do more or less than these are not built upon my rock, but are built upon a sandy foundation; and when the rain descends, and the floods come, and the winds blow, and beat upon them, they shall fall, and the gates of hell are ready open to receive them. Therefore blessed are ye if ye shall keep my commandments, which the Father hath commanded me that I should give unto you. (3 Nephi 18:12-14, emphasis added).

He tells us that doing more or less than the things he has asked us to do means we are not built on his rock, but on a sandy foundation.  Fascinating!  That leads us to the next question…

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