The 10 People in Every. Single. Sacrament Meeting.

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1. The deacon who clearly just rolled out of bed

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Bed head for DAYYYYZ.

2. The parent chasing their toddler down the aisle (and, should we be lucky enough to witness it, onto the podium)

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It’s even better if the child is as precious as this bb penguin ?

3. The couple that is WAY too into their back scratches

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Hopefully they’re not as aggressively into their back scratches as this adorably chubby lemur, but you never know.

4. The shameless phone scroller

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Although, I mean, who am I to judge? Maybe he’s just REALLY into the Gospel Library app.

5. The kid that is army crawling under ever pew in the chapel just because he can

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Wreaks havoc on the elbows, but is apparently worth it to every two-year-old that’s ever been in a sacrament meeting.

6. The REALLY, REALLY loud off-tune singer

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I just needed a gif showing someone belting a tune. Obvs Carrie Underwood is NOT off-tune and has probably never sounded bad in her entire life. I SWEAR I VOTED FOR YOU ON IDOL, CARRIE!!

7. The unabashed stare-stare

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You know what I’m talking about — the person who, after someone is sustained, stares at them a little longer than is comfortable. The guy who is straight up turned around in his seat, looking at the people behind him. The lady who is silently staring at and judging you from afar — and who gets mad when you mouth the iconic Mariah lyrics, “Why you so obsessed with me?”

8. The kid throwing Cheerios like confetti

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You do you, kid. Make it rain. ?

9. The older woman who doesn’t know how to whisper

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My grandma was one of my favorite people to ever walk the earth, but she honestly thought if she slightly covered her mouth with her hand, no one would hear her speaking… AT FULL VOLUME. I got angrily whacked on the arm many a time for saying, “Gram, shhh… They can hear you!”

10. The bishop who is “caught away in the Spirit” or, in other words, asleep

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The guy has been through one too many 6 a.m. meetings, ya feel me?

Who are some other ward staples every Sunday? Tell us and attach gifs in the comments!

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